Episode 10 // Ben is back from India!

You may have noticed that things have been quiet around these parts for the last TWO MONTHS! That is because Ben left for India at the end of August and we didn’t get a chance to record episodes before he left…

But Ben is back, baby! and in this episode he recounts his 7 week journey on the other side of the world.


Episode 7 // Drugs with Levi Higgs

Ben and Fred discuss drugs with guest “Reverend” Levi Higgs, a former drug dealer and user from the age of 14. They talk about Levi’s experience with drugs, how drugs effected his life and how drugs can be both a negative or positive thing, and of course how their use or non-use can make us more decent humans.

Episode 6 // Quitting the Social Media Drug

In this episode Fred and Ben tackle the topic of something that is all too familiar for all us, Social Media. With Ben deleting his facebook account and Fred not having a facebook account for the last 5 years, and as well as the recent privacy debacle that has come up with facebook, they decide to take on this topic and how it does or does not make us a more decent humanity.

Episode 5 // Easter and the Meaning of Traditions

In this episode we talk about why we do what we have always done just because it’s what we have always done… Easter, Christmas, and bowing down to the commercial machine. What is the meaning of holidays and traditions? And how do they make us be better humans?